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The most important advantage of SEO (search engine optimization) is that if your website, and it's content, is well optimized for your keywords (the keywords which people use to search for your product or service), then you get absolutely free traffic from search engines such as google and etc. This free traffic is called organic traffic.  It is considered to be the most valuable source of traffic. First of all it is free and second, and the most important, it converts the best. Meaning that more visitors that found you through organic search, will become your customers.  

Definition of terms:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - is a part of Search Engine Marketing. It is a process of creating a website, which meets the requirements of the major Search Engines, and ready to be promoted to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - is a part of Internet marketing, that seeks to promote a website by increasing its visibility in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), through the use of different methods, such as paid inclusions (pay per click), etc.

SEO is important part of SEM and SEM can not exist without SEO.
The website CAN NOT appear in the top of SERPs if it is not optimized for that.
On the other hand, if a website is well optimized for the keywords it is competing for, it may appear in the top of SERPs without SEM (applies mostly for keyword terms with less competition).

SEO consists of few major steps, which have to be performed at the time of the creation of the website. It includes:
Keywords Research - Research for the keywords related to the industry where the business is planning to operate.
On-Page Optimization - Creating proper Meta tags (based on keywords research) including, but not limited to descriptions and titles; Optimization of the website content, including keywords density control; Optimization of internal link structure; Creation of the Sitemap for the website and XML Sitemap and submitting it to SE - Read all about On-Page Optimization here.

We sugest you to take these steps for creating Search Engine’s friendly website, which will perform well in search engine result pages by following our affordable SEO packages.